Everest region, one of the popular destinations for trekking is the backbone of tourism industry in Nepal. Due to the unique Sherpa culture, their friendly behaviors and  the highest peak in the world, the significance of Everest and Everest region is undoubtedly matchless compared to other peaks and regions. One cannot deny the fact that the opportunity to see Mount Everest is the fulfillment of one’s cherished desire in life. Just as human beings have a keen ambition in life to reach the moon, in the same way, they are also motivated by the desire to visit Nepal every year to fulfill their lofty goal of seeing Mount Everest and feeling proud and happy after the fulfillment of their highest goal in life.This Khumbu region is inhabited mostly by Sherpas. They have their own traditional customs, festivals, dresses, language and culture. They have got their own monasteries in which they worship collectively. Bulk of the people in this community are involved in the profession of mountaineering while some of them do business in Tibet.

Hence, Everest region is full of natural beauty and vegetation. However, since there are no other means of transport available to reach this area, helicopters and planes are the only means of transportation.