Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain Flight (Everest Scenic flight) is the best flight to see the Mount Everest by flight. This flight will be for one hour. It is a great experience to do the mountain flight. Just do not to miss this adventure while you are in Nepal. You will be just 200 to 500 meters away from Mt. Everest and many other above 8000 meter mountains can see. This will be great experience for life. So do not miss it while you are in Nepal. This flight leaves from the domestic airport in Kathmandu.

Pilots also offer you to take a good look and take picture through the cockpit. Individual window seats are guaranteed for everyone. A twin engines small aircraft with two pilots operates this flight. This tour will be a memorable and an exciting once in life time.  Due to the bad weather if  you are unable to see the mountains we will refund the full airfare. You will pay only the land transport
Price  including airport tax and both way airport transportation.

01 person                  Price person: US$ 224.00
02 person                 Price person: US$ 200.00
03 to 04 person      Price person: US$ 190.00